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for appendicitis was so great that my teeth in Vietnam

for appendicitis was so great that my teeth in Vietnam,  bone loss will be checked for the exact condition and method of bone or bone graft. If untreated long-term tooth decay will lead to inflammation of the pulp, toothache is very painful. Even if the pulp infection is severe, it can lead to tooth decay. The treatment of teeth aches and pains Finding the cause of toothache is a painful way to help you get the right direction and timely, not only help reduce the pain quickly but also help keep the teeth. Causes of external impact such as chewing hard, hard or falling, collapse tooth aches, teeth loose, temporarily do not touch the tooth pain, avoid making teeth more severe. Eat soft foods, limit chewing, avoid dental floss so that teeth have good time. If the condition is mild, after a few days, the pain will gradually fade away.

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When to use a crown? What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

Crowns are indicated for use in the following specific cases:

  • Most or all surfaces of the tooth cannot be restored by dental fillings.

– Protect and restore weak teeth, fractures,

– Protect the teeth after treatment for pulp

– Cover all teeth with color and shape is not beautiful

– Attach to the bridge Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

– Restoration of teeth on Implant

Before the crown is taken, the dentist will rebuild the crown as a pulp, put / cast the crown, and place the crown.

Doctors always try to preserve your maxillary tooth. The removal of the pulp is done only when it is really necessary, such as a tooth that has been wormed or broken.

When to use bridge? Dental tourim in Vietnam

Bridges are applied in case of loss of one or more teeth but still teeth at the two ends. This is the optimum option when you do not want to install a removable denture that is inconvenient but not qualified for Implant

The doctor will perform a bridge to fill the gap for you by preparing the real teeth on the two ends to bridge the tooth. These teeth work as piers for bridges, so you need to have strong teeth on both ends of teeth.

Before placing a bridge, the dentist must also recreate the crowns of the two crowns to qualify for coverage or crowns. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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