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to let my brother catch teeth in Vietnam

to let my brother catch teeth in Vietnam ,After brushing done, apply gel to teeth and gums, so that from 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse as usual. Sesame oil In addition to aloe vera gel, you can use sesame oil to protect your gums from falling. Sesame oil contains anti-inflammatory ingredients, cleanses the mouth and removes plaque on the teeth. Advantages of resurfacing dental implant for single teeth. An implant tooth may be more suitable than conventional fixed bridges. Common bridges are attached to one or two normal teeth to aid in keeping the new teeth. This type of tooth is not stable and stable to keep the replacement teeth fixed. Helps to protect the jaw, filling the missing teeth. Besides, the jawbone may tend to recover poorly, the gums may be damaged, shrunken and jawed. Therefore, single tooth restorations can.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Bleeding gums do not take light teeth

The most common disease is gingivitis, which is more than 90% high. Causes arising from improper oral hygiene, causing bacteria to stick to the teeth, the teeth and gums, produce toxins and catalysts, causing the gums to become inflamed. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

If they lie on the surface of the teeth and interstitials, which are not removed in time, during the sleep, under the effect of calcium carbonate, will form tartar. The surface of the rough teeth not only makes these plaque thick but also causes the surrounding organs to become damaged, leading to more severe gum loss.

Most oral diseases can be prevented, gingivitis also. First, we need to brush our teeth, maintain the habit of gargling immediately after eating, brushing our teeth each morning and before bed, brush each time about 3 minutes. Choose a brush with a soft brush, straight, when combing brush along the crown and the teeth, the tip of the brush is tilted 45 degrees to the gums, stop the brush at each position about 6-8 times. vietnam dentist prices

To clean the teeth, especially for patients with gingivitis, it is best to floss once a day, to thoroughly clean the bacteria between the teeth and the remaining food. again.

If you have gingivitis, the best treatment is to brush your teeth, brush the bacteria and plaque on the teeth, make the teeth clean, reduce the bacteria. In addition, mouthwashes containing chlorhexidine may be used. nha khoa ident

Gingivitis, if not treated promptly, can lead to periodontitis. When the periodontal damage is severe, it is difficult to treat.

In addition to gingivitis, gingival bleeding may also be related to a number of other conditions, including blood disorders (such as anemia, leukemia) and severe liver disease. Therefore, if you have bleeding gums many and continuously, the gums become whitish, the body weakened, should soon to hospital to doctors to clarify the cause and determine the direction of treatment.  trồng răng implant

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